Functional Movement

Learn the benefits of functional movement

Once your pain has been addressed, the next goal is always movement. We focus on taking the guess work out of looking after yourself. There is so many different courses and opinions on what you should be doing but it is rarely specifically tailored to your needs and goals.  With our functional movement programs we do exactly that.  A tailored program to address your needs.

Tailored Exercises

We tailor functional movement exercises to your unique goals and starting level. From post-operative rehabilitation, or relief from persistent back pain to taking your fitness/sport training to the next level. Our functional movement exercises will help you.

Our Approach

Your body is designed to move.

Inherently, you have inbuilt motor control patterns, or the way your brain tells your bodies to move.  This determines how you interact with the world. Unfortunately, modern life and society have moved you away from how you were designed to move.  The side effect being that you have created movement deficiencies.  Basically your brain has forgotten how to move your body properly. 


 We start by addressing these movement deficiencies.  By analysing movements, that are known as your foundation movements.  We are able to identify your unique problem.  Movements such as walking, breathing, squatting, and lifting are foundation movements that provide abundant information into your unique problem areas of movement.  We take this information and design a program that will help you decrease
pain, improve mobility, and increase strength, while targeting the goals you have in mind.

Why focus on Functional Movement Patterns

You should focus on functional movement patterns, as they are the foundation of all other movements. Through our years of experience and extensive research we have learnt this is the quickest and simplest way to help restore your natural movements. We use a range of different exercises which focus on spinal stability and peripheral joint control. We teach your brain how to once again move a joint through its full range of functional movement. This helps your body relearn how to move correctly and rewires the brain's proprioceptive map.

What is the proprioceptive map?

In your brain, you have a detailed map, of what your whole body is capable of. This information is provided to your brain by your eyes, ears and receptors known as proprioceptive receptors.  These receptors located in your muscles and joints, provide real time information to your brain, about how your muscles and joints are moving. 

Studies have shown that ageing and injuries leads to a decline in proprioceptive information coming into your brain.  Simply put, the map becomes distorted or fuzzy, due to the decrease information.  This leads to a decrease in joint performance and an increased risk of injury. 

By using functional movement exercises you increase the information coming into your brain.  As a result you create clarity in your brain map of both the joint movement and the muscle control of the joint.  In other words, by using functional movements, you decrease the risk of injury and improve joint performance. That’s why it is so effective and the simplest path to full recovery.

infographic of how functional movement effects the brain. The brain has different colours representing different areas of movement, There is a person doing pigeon pose. this is part of the sensorimotor system
Our team member Chiropractor Doctor Zac De Gooyer standing wear a black shirt with a big smile and arms folded across his chest

Meet Zac

Our in house functional movement expert.

Zac is one of our Senior Chiropractors, and our in house expert in functional movement.  Having a history as a personal trainer and a swim coach, Zac has always had a passion for understanding how to best move the body.  Over the years he has done extensive further study into the functional movement patterns of the body and the most effective exercises to restore your spinal and joint stability and control.