A Personalised Approach

Individualised care plans tailored to your needs


Stages Of Care


Comprehensive history and assessment of symptoms to find the root cause of your problem

Treatment & Prognosis

On your first consult we perform treatment as it helps form an accurate prognosis and starts you on the road to feeling better

The Secret to Your Future Transformed

You will gain insights in to how to look after yourself and how by learning some simple exercise techniques you can keep feeling great.


An accurate diagnosis is the first step in alleviating any symptoms. This step is crucial to your return to complete movement and health. We will guide you through a comprehensive medical history of all your symptoms. We also take extra time, to gain an understanding of your movement and activities on a day to day basis. This in-depth approach gives an insight into your usual movement pattern. This is important as we then know how your brain believes you move. From understanding how your brain currently thinks you move. We can diagnose the root cause of your problem and tailor a treatment plan for you.

Treatment and Prognosis

You will receive a treatment made up of three key elements.  These elements are all designed to work together, meaning you feel better right from the start.  Your skilled practitioner will use targeted massage, adjustments or mobilisations and functional movement retraining.  These elements will be tailored to your particular problem.  In addition to the hands on element of your treatment.  You will gain a complete education into how to prevent or minimize  the risk of reinjury.  The advantage of this treatment approach is that you are working on multiple systems in the body at one time.  Giving you a more complete approach to your neuromusculoskeletal care. 

Your Future Transformed

Once you have regained your movement and you are no longer suffering from pain, it is important to maintain the gains you have achieved.  This is a two-step process.  Firstly it is important to maintain your mobility and secondly maintain your strength and stability.  Stability is the unsung hero of your movement and your secret weapon to not ending up back on a treatment table.  With our approach to your future we take into account both.  You will be introduced to simple exercises designed for you.  Your exercises will work in with your lifestyle, so they don’t become a challenge to get done.  Its like automating the boring stuff.  We will educate you on simple strategies you can use so you feel great well into your future.

Fields Of Expertise

Lower Back and Sciatica

Lower back and sciatica pain is the leading cause limiting daily activities.  Deconditioning from a sedentary lifestyle or over activity from repetitive movement often creates this pain.  We treat both acute and chronic back pain and will diagnose the root cause of your pain. 

Neck and Upper Back

Neck or back pain and the associated reduced movement relates to not only neck or back symptoms but shoulder and head symptoms as well.  Headaches, hazy feeling, shoulder and arm problems could be coming from your neck or back.  


The shoulder is the most mobile and frequently used joint in your body.  Rotator cuff injuries, shoulder bursitis or tendon damage can result from either overuse or trauma to the shoulder.  Furthermore, arm symptoms are a common side effect of shoulder problems.

Hip and Knee

The hip joint plays an integral role in how your back and legs feel.  Hip bursitis, arthritis or gluteal muscle tightness can contribute or create hip, knee or back problems.  Likewise, knee pain from trauma or degenerative changes effects not only the knee but the foot, hip and lower back also.  Making it important to address not only the knee but the surrounding joints.

Posture and Rehabilitation

Never underestimate the importance of good posture and both pre & post operative/injury rehabilitation.  The long term effects on movement and lifestyle of letting them slide will only become noticeable as we age.  However the longer you leave it, the more work required to regain your lost movement.  


Headaches are a common complaint. With recent data showing headaches as leading cause of chronic pain in the western world.  Most adults will experience a headache yearly.  Headaches, in particular tension headaches, can be from a variety of causes, such as neck muscle tightness, that many people experience these days from long hours in front of screens.   

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Most frequent questions and answers

We treat all spine and joint disorders including, neck pain, back pain, disc injuries, low back pain, bursitis, hip pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sporting injuries, arthritis, nerve pain, joint strain, whiplash, injury prevention, spinal health and postural changes.

No referral is needed to see a chiropractor or an osteopath.

We only refer for imaging if there is a clinical significance that needs further investigation.

We accept the Enhanced Primary Care Plan, as given by your GP. Please book an appointment with your GP to see if you are eligible.

We are registered and accept all private health funds.  Your rebate will depend on your level of cover with your health fund.

We do accept both NDIS and workers compensation cases. 

We treat patients from all over the Sydney.  However, we are easy to get to from all inner west suburbs, like Abbotsford, Chiswick, Concord, Croydon, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Russell Lea, Rodd Point and Wareemba.   With easy onsite parking also available.