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joint-related problems

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Multi-faceted treatment
that is designed to work
for you

Are you functioning
at your best?

We understand the frustration of not being able to perform at your best and the irritation and mental fatigue that comes with pain and reduced mobility. We know that pain and reduced mobility can have huge negative impacts on your life if left untreated. In our many years of combined experience, we have helped thousands of people overcome these problems and guided them through the recovery process, to becoming their optimal self. Let us show you how you too can become the best version of yourself today.

Are you in pain?

Pain is how your body lets you know that there may be a problem. Know that you don’t have to resign to living with pain forever. Gain insight into the root cause of your pain and learn about your treatment options.

Are you experiencing reduced mobility?

Your body is smarter than you know. When your joints become injured or stiff, your brain adapts and changes how you move and how much you can move. Seek treatment to restore the quantity and quality of your movement.


Are you suffering from decreased wellbeing?

What we believe and accept to be our normal wellbeing changes over time and does not represent the full extent of our capability. Learn how to improve your health and wellbeing and take the steps you need to function at your best today.

Complete care and guidance
from start to finish

At Five Dock Osteopathic and Chiropractic, you will meet a caring team of doctors, who are all highly trained and skilled university graduates. You will find a team committed to updating and furthering their knowledge and skills to improve your health needs. This means you can be confident you are in the best of hands and will always receive the highest levels of care and guidance. We are a results focused team who will work together with you, to ensure your healthcare needs are met and you can be sure, you'll always have a relaxed, stress free and enjoyable experience.

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The Clinic

At Five Dock Osteopathic and Chiropractic you are always welcome. We treat people of all ages, occupations and recreational activities. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday, from 7am until evening. Located in an easy to park location. The clinic is single level for accessibility to all. We start your treatment, where clinically appropriate, on your first consultations, so you leave feeling better.

What makes us unique?

At Five Dock Osteopathic and Chiropractic Centre we strive to provide you with comprehensive, safe, and scientifically proven care.   Our goal is to take the hard work and uncertainty out of treatment.  We enjoy doing the hard work for you, so you feel the benefits immediately.  We present easy to understand concepts as to the root cause of your symptoms and offer complete support through the consultation and treatment process. You will be provided with a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, that has measurable outcomes and creates lasting change. 

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Expert diagnosis & treatment

Your doctor will craft a comprehensive treatment designed for you and provide experienced skilled hands on care.

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We do the hard work, so you can get back to enjoying life unrestricted by pain, movement or decreased wellbeing!

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